Our Management

Vitrum believes that the heartbeat of an organisation lies in its people; and that communication is the bloodstream which brings us together as a family. Our management team strives for bonding with all strata of employees through appropriate communication channels. We subscribe to the fact that human capital is a priceless asset. Thus, we consistently nurture our employees through contemporary training programs and elevate their technological skills. Vitrum provides its employees with a friendly work environment whilst looking into the safety and socio-cultural needs of the workforce. The bottom line is that we care and do our best to enable every stakeholder in Vitrum to attain the quality of life.



Vitrum is ready to touch base with you and offers our expertise and service bursting with vitality in a focused spectrum. Our commitment is clearly embossed in our name VITRUM as ‘Vi’ in vitality and ‘trum’ in spectrum of lights.Vitrum denotes the heart and soul of our organisation as projected in the name.


Vision :

To be the leading provider of lighting solutions in every corner of the world.

Integrity :

To run our business with good ethical governance adhering to core values.

Technology :

To always stay ahead with the latest technological advancement.

Resilience :

To ride the winds of change under all circumstances and emerge a winner.

Unique :

To develop a unique team of stakeholders through training and welfare of employees.

Mission :

To strive towards our mission of peak performance and customer satisfaction.