Vitrum Lighting:
Customized LED
Energy Efficient
System Integration
Vitrum Lighting provides solutions for LED lighting technology. We design and manufacture lminaire products that meet customers’ expectations.
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Energy Efficient
System Integration
Integrated Circuit

Vitrum Lighting does not leave it to chance when it concerns the safety and comfort of its customers. Our products come with a smart app that allows domestic as well as commercial users to control the amount of lighting in their premises. Our smart light bulbs facilitate users to control the lighting in every room of the premise. The Vitrum Lighting Smart App enables the control of lighting literally in the palm of your hands.

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Luminaire Products

We specialize in energy-saving LED-optimised luminaires for a variety of applications. We provide indoor lightings includes bathroom lighting, cabinet & display lighting, commercial lighting, down lighting and other. | Outdoor lighting is one of our core products which offer high lumens output, durability and good performance with the ultimate energy saving features.

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Serving both commercial and residential a greener and brighter ambient.

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Lighting for the central area of the home is the most important. The living room is the meeting place for the entire family. This is where we relax after work and enjoy company, watch TV, play games, read and chat. We use the living room for so many different events that the light sources and the way we control them will have to be multifunctional:durable yet flexible, bright yet absolutely glare-free.

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Entrances and reception areas provide best practice on enhancing the experience of guests from the point at which they approach the building to their first impressions of the inside of the building at the entrance and reception area itself. Suitable lighting will provide the correct ambience to further enhance guests’ enjoyment of the area.

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Our Commitment

Vitrum is ready to touch base with you and offers our expertise and service bursting with vitality in a focused spectrum. Our commitment is clearly embossed in our name VITRUM as ‘Vi’ in vitality and ‘trum’ in spectrum of lights. Vitrum denotes the heart and soul of our organisation as projected in the name.